Why To Plan Your Xmas Party NOW

Yes, now. Well post reading this article. Push back your afternoon plans and just get straight on it.

Why? Well…

1It’s happening.

Don’t deny it because it will. It’ll start off as just a small bash in a ‘spoons then when you see others instagramming theirs late November the jealousy will start and you’ll end up rushing to see what Hotels, caterers and acts are free in December *icloud sign in

2Anticipation creates suspense which creates.. fun?

No one wants to be that idiot wearing a Christmas Jumper in September but a reminder now and then that the party of the year, the beginning of the yuletide, the start of a fortnight off and the chance to get a drink with the hottie from accounts is drawing closer is no bad thing.

3You’ll get a better deal.

Of course you’re guaranteed the best of deals at our 2020 themed exclusively around Christmas Parties. Why? Because when it’s late, and you’re panicked you reek of desperation. Be prepared, keep a cool head and negotiate.


There are so many and you’re going to need time to think about them all thoroughly. You might end up choosing something unexpected (A night in Copenhagen for example) which will need planning and preparation. You don’t want to still be sorting this out in December so making sure it’s all done early means you’ll still have time to co-ordinate your own Christmas plans with ease.

5It’s the right thing to do.

It’s what Santa and Jesus would want. And if that doesn’t matter to you, then well, maybe you should show this list to someone else who could organise it. Someone with a bit more cheer than you. You miserable Scrooge.