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It’s almost time for our COOL Venue Awards and with that comes an array of drink sponsors which we know you’ll be drinking at festivals and in cosy pubs for years to come. Here are some of our newly released sponsors

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Come see what fine things Gypsy foretells for you. Alas, beware! She may entrance, with her golden, refreshing potion that is unmistakeably American craft brewed.
Available in bottle and on draft, Gypsy Lager is brewed in Delaware, USA and part the award winning Fordham & Dominion range, incorporating:
Gypsy Lager, Copperhead Ale, Route 1 IPA, Rams Head IPA, Hop Mountain American Pale Ale, Oak Barrel Stout and an exciting variety of seasonal brews




Moses Vodka is the first ultra premium vodka that’s certified Kosher throughout the entire year. It is unique in its quality, traditions and distillation processes, allowing Moses Vodka its deserved recognition at many industry awards around the world.

What really makes Moses Vodka different is that it is distilled from sugar cane. This makes it Kosher all year long because the spirit is not distilled from a grain or a food considered ‘kitniot’ such as corn, millet or rice, which is considered not Kosher. Using sugar cane to distill the vodka also helps preserve the fresh well water’s natural, pure taste!






The first Cachaça brand to revolutionise the cocktail world is soon to launch right here in the UK!
This is the first time ever that a Cachaca brand has launched outside of its native country of Brazil.
What makes it COOL? This is a hidden secret of the Matos family, kept away from the world for more than a hundred years. It is a premium Cachaça that is keeping true to its identity and origins. A natural and earthy spirit that will truly transform our opinions of its category and lead the way to an exciting future



We can’t wait for the Awards, you’ll recognise us. We’ll look like this just less classy