Three of the best lighting solutions

Sunset in the airport

1. Motorized Lighting Structures

Something blow your attendees minds, a motorized lighting structure is a lighting engineer’s dream and can simulate movements and is guaranteed to captivate the imaginations of everyone seeing them. It involves a framework and controlled motors where an event lighting engineer can program the movements. If you are having trouble picturing it watch the video below (its pretty insane)

2. LED Beam/Spots

Beams and Spots are moving lights that are the ones you’re probably most familiar with as theyre often used outside of the event world at cinemas and even nightclubs. They are programmed with cues, positions, colors, and patterned movements to add an intuitive feel to event lighting.

3. Lasers

If you are asking yourself if you need lasers at your event for event lighting, there are many reasons that the answer should always be “YES!” Lasers have the ability to sync with your playlist, be programmed to draw shapes and photos on surfaces, and span across your entire audience whatever the size.