Detox Your Event

Last year saw Kale become a trend. Herbalife is on every street corner and frankly it’s just weird if you don’t have a gym membership in this day and age. It can be easy to drop the health kick when you get to the office and not only stress takes over but the catering options require lying to your personal trainer. Creating healthier menus and breaks is a great start, and here are some additional activities we’ve seen at events with much success:

– Short fitness breaks between sessions to help stimulate blood flow and reenergizing meeting attendees. Also a great teambuilding exercise!

– Incorporate yoga and breathing exercises as part of the itinerary so attendees go home not only feeling relaxed but equipped to better manage daily stresses at work. (These exercises are especially popular with our sales and internal meetings.)

– Create electronic versions of key takeaways – the less paper attendees take home, the less clutter in their workspaces. By creating clean, clutter-free work spaces, workers are more productive and less overwhelmed. Email roundups are a great idea and something we use regularly at our 20/20s.

– Take the meeting outdoors (if weather allows) – fresh air and sensory stimuli can reawaken a group, resulting in fresh ideas, inspiration and relaxation.

– Include nutrition information on menus and food labels to raise awareness of healthy eating.

– West Wing it and hold walking meetings. Plus fresh air is a great stimulant.
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– Place health magazines and journals around the common break spaces.