Create Content At Events

Download Lucky Patcher AppShowing content at events is sometimes difficult. You want to do something different to your last event but certain ideas are just too good. Here’s our top twenty ideas to turn your company’s event into marketing devices

1) Assemble live tweets into presentation recaps.
2) Video attendees at the event talking about why they decided to attend the event.
3) Video attendees on what they are learning and the value they are getting from the event.
4) Video attendees about why people not at the conference should attend next year.
5) Get all kinds of digital photos – presenters, content, party pics, etc.
6) Video exhibitors on what their companies can do for attendees.
7) Get presenters to share additional details, insights, or thoughts about their presentations.
8) Write articles from the content that you have captured on video.
9) Create lists of the best tweets from the event.
10) Invite attendees to write blog posts or share other content they have created.
11) Grab images from videos you have shot.
12) Turn photos and video snippets into a closing video for the event.
13) Turn audio from video interviews into podcasts.
14) Create a presentation highlights Slideshare with three high impact slides from each presentation.
15) Recruit a social media team to generate content from more perspectives within the event.
16) Ask open-ended questions on the pre- and post-conference surveys about the issues, opportunities, and learning needs attendees see. Turn the results into articles.
17) Ask attendees what questions were not answered and answer these in future blog posts.
18) Invite presenters to submit blog posts or articles for the conference website.
19) Solicit attendees for guest blog posts they prepare after the conference and give a prize to everyone who creates content.
20) Distribute the content over time so you do not inundate your audience.